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A Response to the FCO Travel Advice Against The Republic of Somaliland

Waxaa ummadda reer Somaliland ee ku dhaqan Ingiriiska laga codsanayaa in uu qof waliba warqad cabasho ah aan kaga soo horjeedno go’aanka dawladda Ingiriiska ka qaadatay Ammaanka  Somaliland uu u gudbiyo MP-giisa , taas oo ah sida ugu habboon ee aan dareenkeenna ugu gudbin karno Xukuumadda Ingiriiska. Si ay dhammaanteen inoogu dhib yaraato diridda warqaddani waatan iyada oo qoran, waxaad hoosta uunaad  ka raacinaysaan magaciina iyo address-kiina. Fadlan ahmiyad weyn saara inaad si degdega u dirtaan warqaddan MP-giina. Haddaanad hore u haysan Contacts-ka MP-gaaga halkan ka eeg  http://www.writetothem.com/ ama uga dir.
Dear MP.
A Response to the FCO Travel Advice Against The Republic of Somaliland
 I, the undersigned concerned Somaliland Diaspora in UK, I am writing to share with you my dissatisfaction with the above mentioned FCO Travel Advice which indicated ‘there are specific threats to Westerners in Somaliland’, and which ‘urges any British nationals who remain there against our advice to leave immediately’.
This Travel Warning is unsubstantiated and does not reflect the security reality on the ground. Since The Republic of Somaliland has reclaimed its independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991, there has never been any danger or threat in the country to the interest of the British interest in the country.

This new move of the FCO is not helping the great job that the Somaliland Security Forces and Intelligence have done to ensure maximum security for both Somalilanders and the expat community, including Britons, in the country. The Republic of Somaliland has established effective and working institutions and despite being unrecognised by the international community and being surrounded by violence, terrorism and piracy, it has maintained peace and stability for nearly 22 years. It has built a modern state with a two House Legislative and Executive body headed by an elected President. It has a judiciary system. A national constitution was adopted after a referendum in 2001 which nearly 97% of the votes approved. In 2002 Somaliland held its first nation-wide local councils election with the first democratic presidential elections being held in 2003, followed by other elections like the parliamentary election in 2005 and again the presidential election in 2010.
Our concern as British-Somalilanders is that FCO Travel Advice against Somaliland does not reflect the situation on the ground and indeed has. The FCO move is slap on the face of the Somaliland Security Forces and Intelligence for their tireless efforts to make the region a safe place and minimise risks. I believe that the Somaliland government and its people are working very hard to make sure of the stability and security of Somaliland and beyond. And at the same time Somaliland has maintained strong and stable relations with its neighbour countries like Ethiopia and Djibouti.

I appeal to the British Government to consider the significant contribution which The Republic of Somaliland has made over the past 22 years to stability and security in the troubled region of the Horn of Africa and beyond. I, therefore call upon the UK Government to consider its actions and take a more constructive approach to Somaliland by providing support to this young and inspiring nation instead of issuing unjustified and unsubstantiated travel warnings which benefit no one but terrorists and criminals. Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Somaliland in response to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s revised travel advice for Somaliland

















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