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Mr. Siilanyo as usual, evaded addressing the real issues By Dr. Ibrahim Mead

ibrahim mead

The speech was disastrous from the beginning to end. It was a bad sign for Somaliland. I think the man we elected is MIA-missing in action!It seemed that a dishonesty small minded underhand is running Somaliland up side down!If the man we elected and the one who delivered the infamous speech in the house of (Goolwadayaale) representative are the same, then Somaliland is in a serious trouble!

President Siilanyo’s speech before the ‘expired’ ex-house of representative which morphed into a house of “Goolwadayaal” was deceptive and dishonest in its core!

It was unprofessionally hastily, organized speech, void of intellectual integrity.
It was shameful where shame ashamed it!

It was an insult to the people and to the Republic and to those who honestly believe the Republic. It was ungodly annulled of truth. Unlike what was said by the President, the people were expecting confessions of mistakes made by him and by his government and a real speech of national unity, but that did not happen!


Whether the president was aware of what he was doing or not doing was the talk of the day in Hargeisa. It was shocking incident for many but not so for some because they said they know Mr. Siilanyo very well!


Mr. Siilanyo refused to take responsibility of the serious problems his government had created for Somaliland. He showed distain of the predicament the Republic is in. He did not recognize the consequences resulted from what he and his government have done to the country, i.e. the corruption which became the culture of the government, killings of innocent citizens emanated from the fraudulent election, jailing women by the order of a Minister, marginalization of Somaliland’s quest for recognition, and the latest British advice for their citizens to leave Somaliland for security reasons.

The man seemed like he was speaking to a different people in a different world, not in Hargeisa! Mr. Siilanyo demonstrated to the international community by way of his speech that (his) Somaliland government is not dependable partner in security, human rights and democratic development! He also demonstrated that Somaliland is not serious to her quest for recognition as a deserved independent state, all as a result of his government’s actions, inactions as well as reactions!


On the other hand his speech was characterized by the conscientious people as dishonest, a joke, and out side the bounds of reality on the ground.


His speech reinforced the call for a national dialogue. It enforced the urgency of rescuing the Republic before the house of Somaliland crumbles-God for bid! It also urged the conscious people of Somaliland not to set back, not to close their eyes and mind but to act and recue their diminishing cause. Not to act will render our country as the land of the “wackos!”  I think we are better than that or I am I wrong!?


Siilanyo’s speech reinforced the urgent need for national consultation and rescue
Siilanyo’s speech was an echo and a reminiscent of Siyad Barre’s mind set!

It was not a speech of a conscientious and honesty leader. It was a copy of the speeches of late dictator Siyad Barre in letter and spirit particularly when you add up with “goolwadistic” applauds organized by the “goolwadayaal Ministers and cabals.It was off the mark of truth and reconciliation. It was intransigent with no shame. It was an unfortunate same old, some old!


It was hollow and off the mark speech. All of these reinforced the urgent need for a national consultation, reconciliation aimed to reach the unity of the people and the salvation of the Republic.

1- Mr. Siilanyo was supposed to take responsibility of the mischievous acts and what has happened to the Republic lately, but he did not. He is pathologically apathetic of what is happening around him. We see it now and we saw it when he was the SNM chairperson!

2- He did not even mention the fraudulent Municipal election which divided the Somaliland communities into victims and culprits!


3- He did not mention the marginalization of Somaliland and the offensive provocations coming from Somalia’s leaders after they were given recognition by the US and others.

4- He did not state his stand in the upcoming Somalia’s conference in which Somalia’s president who believes he represents Mr. Siilanyo, co-chairs that conference!
5- He did not tell the truth of the security peaches which led the British government to advise her citizens and those of the EU to leave Somaliland.


I don’t have any quarrel with any country which takes care of their citizens. In fact that is what a real government for the people must do. I however have a serious disagreement with Britain when they marginalize and not seriously respect the popular self determination of the people of Somaliland. On the other hand, I believe that the British and other governments discussed their concern regarding Al Islaax which is sympathetic to Al Shabaab and Al Shabaab it self with Mr. Siilanyo and his government!

It is widely believed that some Al Islaax members are in the Siilanyo cabinet and they are not only very close to him but they are the ultimate power in his collection of Ministers!

Al Islaax’s annual convention happened in Hargeisa last year, and all these are not secret!

The only thing Mr. Siilanyo bragged about it was the tax (increase) hike which never triggers down to the public service like health care and education!
What he did not mention was the illegitimate tax ($10) which the Minister of the two Airports collects from the travelling people!
The man (Siilanyo) shamed himself every time he comes to the expired houses which morphed into houses of “Goolwadayaal” and he did not care about it, but he also shamed the Republic which we care about her very much indeed.


Remember the late dictator’s speech regarding the soundness of the security and the stability in the then-Northern regions (Somaliland) of the Somali Republic?  To put meat on the bone regarding his claim that every thing was fine, he claimed that Burao and Hargeisa were playing foot ball when Burao was in fact in the hands of the operational vanguards of SNM!


Like his ex-boss Mr. Siilanyo repeated the same lies which caused his Boss to lose both his country and his presidency and later died miserably in exile. Mr. siilanyo consciously or otherwise set his foot on the same track of that of his Boss, late dictator Siayd Barre! Mr. Siilanyo is either :

a) completely out of it and there are others dragging the man from blunder to blunder, or
b) he is consciously, cunningly, callous and calculated evil doer who is there to destroy the Republic! Or:
c) he intends to demean and degrade the Somaliland people and believes that he can do what ever he wants whether they like it or not, all just to remain in power!

All of these, tell Somalilanders to rescue their country from Siilanyo and his collection of cabals, from the chairman of the parliament to those who erected Ministerial “Sparos” to collect money from the travelers, from the vagabonds around him, and from the so called Ministers.

Mr. Siilanyo lost the trust of his people, as well as that of the regional and international communities. Only immoral cabals are around him! His speech exhibited an Afwainistic mindset. His speech reinforced the urgent need for national consultation and rescue. Personalities like Hassan Issa, Ibrahim Dhagawaini and Chairman Faisal and others made that call.

Let us add our voices to those who are calling for the rescue and the salvation of the Republic. May Allah bless Somaliland?


Peace and prayers for the Mother

Ibrahim Mead
















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