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Betrayers Of trust And Embezzlers Of  Public Property:By Dr. Ibrahim Mead

This article is about what Allah and his prophet said of the betrayers of trust and embezzlers of public property -those who misappropriate public funds and property.This addresses, particularly the Somaliland House of Representatives, House of Guurti and the Executive which has dragged the said Houses into their way, the way of corruption and vote rigging, the way of shame, disgrace, divisions of brotherly communities’ and the eventual  devastation of the foundations of the house of Somaliland! And in the end the trio will be joined by the judiciary and the National Elections Commission as well as what is called the National Party Registrations Commission of Siilanyo, in Hell-fire, in hereafter. There is no escape there. Every shilling or dollar the above entities take as salaries and other expenses is “XAARAM” for they did not do the work entrusted to them right to deserve the payments.

(la imana li-man la amanata lahu wa la dina li-man la ahda lahu), narrated by Ahmad, al-Tabarani, and al-Bayhaqi.


“There is no faith for the one who has no amânah and there is no prayer for the one who is not in wudű´.” (Ref: Abű Rumaysah) The Prophet SCW said that the one, who does not possess honesty, does not possess faith,
and the one who does not keep his pledge, is not a Muslim.

Trustworthiness is a universal value as it is Islamic in its roots
All the moral values and the Islamic values revolve around the idea of trustworthiness. According to Prophet Muhammad, dishonesty shuns belief and faith. Where is that trustworthiness in Siilanyo’s government, in the parliament, in the Guurti and in the judiciary!?

The most destructive unjust deed to one’s self, family, society and state rotates around three vices: lying, breaking a promise and betraying a trust.


As far as Islam is concerned, dishonesty simply opposes to true belief, real faith, and conscious submission to God, who has confided trust in human beings (Quran 33:72-73)“It is the believers who are successful, those who Honour their trusts and their contracts…such people are the inheritors, who will inherit Firdaws, remaining in it timelessly, forever.”


Allah said, “We offered the Trust to the heavens, the earth, and the mountains but they declined to take it on and shrank from it. But man took it on, he is indeed wrongdoing and ignorant.”
Amânah is the mannerism of the Prophets and Messengers. In Sűrah ash-Shu`arâ ´ Allâh, Exalted is He, informs us that Nű?, Hűd, ?ali?, Lű? and Shu`ayb all said, ”I am to you a trustworthy Messenger.” The Messenger of Allâh (SAW) was known amongst his people, both before and after his being entrusted with the Message, as al-Amîn (the Trustworthy One There are numerous a?âdîth stressing the importance of amânah, amongst which are:   Bukhârî and Muslim record on the authority of Abű Hurayrah that the Messenger of Allâh (SAW) said,

“The signs of the hypocrite are three:

when he speaks he lies;when he makes an oath he breaks it;
and when he is entrusted with something he betrays that trust.”
The version of Muslim has the additional wording, “Even if he fasts, prays and thinks that he is a Muslim.”
Following the Prophet, the first Caliph Abu Bakr al-Siddiq stated that “dishonesty shuns belief and faith. (Cited Dr.Mohamed Sani Bardron-Centre for Economic and Social Studies)

“Khayanat” The twenty-second greater sin:


The twenty-second greater sin is defalcation or misappropriation of property. Misappropriation of property as a greater sin is stated in the Qur’an and the authentic tradition related by Abdul Az?m from Imam Muhammad Taqi and also from the traditions of Imam Sadiq Imam Kadhim and Imam Ri? aKhayanat is itself an Arabic word. In the tradition of Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq as related by Amash the word ‘Khayanat’ is used in the list of the greater sins. Another Arabic word used for misappropriation is ‘ghulul.’ ‘Ghulul’ is used in the narration of Fazl Ibn Shaz?n where he quotes Imam Ri?a According to some lexicographers ‘ghul’ denotes misappropriation of a property. ‘Ghulul’ applies to every kind of embezzlement.according to Islamic scholars


 The punishment of misappropriation according to the Holy Quran

The almighty Allah (swt) says


“…and he who eats unfaithfully shall bring that in respect of which he has acted unfaithfully on the Day of Resurrection; then every soul be paid fully what it has earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly. Is then he who follows the pleasure of Allah like him who has made himself deserving of displeasure from Allah, and his abode is hell; and it is an evil destination.” Surah at-Tahr?m,  Breach of trust denounced in the traditions:

The Holy Prophet (S) says:“One who embezzles a property in his charge and does not deliver it to its owner and dies in such a condition, then he does not die in my community (he does not die a Muslim). When such a person meets Allah, He shall be infuriated with him. And one who purchases an embezzled property knowing that it is embezzled is just like the (actual) embezzler.” (Wasa’il ul-Shia)



Let us (all) pull the curtain open, step back a bit, reflect and see what they have done to Somaliland in about two years of Siilanyo’s government, let us also see clearly what we have done collectively to our country for we did not confront them with truth and tell them to stop what did and doing to our country and to our people.

Now Mr. Siilanyo and his crowd-of –the- pocket- and the belly carelessly and callously fragmented the unity of our community of Somaliland with out thinking the consequences! Divided, we sure fail. The two houses are accomplice to this ungodly act!

There is no leadership in Somaliland. A leader has to lead and to do that he must have followers first. Our leader has no followers. He has cabals and clan traders who sell their conscience for money. The government is simply an oligarchy entity

I think Mr. Siilanyo and crowd have to understand and confess that they terribly failed in governing and in approaching problems so they have to change and not defend their wrongs. They better stop living in denial and demagoguery.
Let the President and his crowd be Godly once and be courageous enough to confess the wrongs they have done and take that as a teachable moment and move forward if Allah wishes that.

It is collectively, our call as concerned Somalilanders to seriously call the attention of Mr. Siilanyo and his oligarchy administration to stop destroying the country thousands die for it and hundreds of thousands lost their property and treasure.

Inallaha laa yathlimu alnaasa shayan walaakin alnaasa anfusahum yathlimon. (Yunis ch11V.44)  “Verily Allah will not deal unjustly with man in aught: it is man that wrongs his own soul”

Somaliland leaders, be it the House of representatives, the House of Guurti, the judiciary and the executive, all betrayed the trust entrusted to them by the people of Somaliland and Allah is the witness of that great betrayal.


Together we suffered. Together we survived. Together we fought back and together we triumphed, recalled our lost Republic and established a democratic government. Ironically it seems that together we are dismantling what we have built and the government is leading in this demonic effort! Let us come back to our sense and be kind to the future of our younger generations.


Peace and prayers for Somaliland
Ibrahim Mead    


























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